elk nose

Submitted by Mgstokes on 1/31/06 at 2:52 PM. ( )

I had a guy bring me an elk. I caped the head fleshed and then salted. I did this the same day. I sent it to new method. It came back in good shape except the black skin on the nose. Most of it had fallen off. Any ideas why? If it was spoiled, hair should have fallen out too right?

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I had a deer to do the same thing

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 1/31/06 at 10:45 PM. ( )

The pad was the only thing that slipped. It was tanned at; well it doesn't matter, I guess it would have any where. All of the hair was good. The cape stunk though. It was a easy fix so I never tried to find out why. It would be nice to see what anyone says their thoughts are.

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