Pressure washing and tanning

Submitted by joeym on 1/2/06 at 10:59 PM. ( )

I am making the transition from DP to tanned capes this year. I REALLY want to pressure wash these capes before they are salted. The temp here was 78 today, and even though the capes I have processed are heavily salted and hanging, the humidity is high and they are dripping away. Believe me, they were plenty bloody. The bulk of my capes I have frozen so far, but I am running out of freezer space. Katrina taught me about having all my eggs in one basket, (keeping three freezers going with one generator) and thats another reason I leaned toward wet tanning. I have read the archives, I have talked with others...some say don't wet any prior to salting, others say its OK to pressure wash. I like working with clean hides...the pressure washer has allowed me to do this in DP and Spray on Tanning(Mears). I do plan to tan these myself. Will pressure washing help or hurt prior to salting?

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This response submitted by SteveD on 1/3/06 at 8:19 AM. ( )

You need to get most of the water out before you salt or you going to go through salt like its going out of style. If you can get an old washing machine it would really help putting them through a spin cycle after you pressure wash do drain the water, and of course fans help allot also. As for as salting afterwards, it's a matter of preference. The hide or cape should be clean enough to pickle and tan right after the pressure wash (of course split lips ears eyes nose ect before tanning), Then after its tanned roll it up, (i do and have never had a problem)place in a plastic bag and freeze that way when your ready to mount your one step ahead and i can fit alot more in one freezer, then pull it out thaw it rehydrate if needed, prep and mount, and you can get all you tanning done and over with. Of course it really depends on what works best for you. Hope this helps.

Thanks Steve

This response submitted by joeym on 1/3/06 at 9:12 AM. ( )

Yesterday was a really hot day, flies everywhere, and bloody capes. I do have a washing machine to spin them out, and a shady, breezy porch where I can hang them afterward for additional drying prior to salting/freezing. I just needed a little re-assurance, after all the reading of water on green hides causing problems. To compound this, a lot of my work travels from south Texas in the back of pick-ups (16 hr trip). I might could replace a WT cape, if ruined, but the exotic's, I don't like to gamble on.

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