Help With antler value

Submitted by Kelly on 1/4/06 at 9:55 AM. ( )

I mounted 2 deer for a friend of mine a few years ago. He wants to sell them back to me but I don't know the value of the horns. One is a 9 point with an official B & C score of 152 1/8. The other is a 10 point with a score of about 141 (cant' remember the exact score) Can anyone tell me what I should offer him for the horns? Thanks.

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check ebay and see what....

This response submitted by terryr on 1/5/06 at 1:44 AM. ( )

comparable ones are selling for

Not much

This response submitted by Knife2sharp on 1/10/06 at 8:59 AM. ( )

I would say between $25-50 each. They're worth much more to the person that shot the animal.

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