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I have a client that has gone on a muskox hunt.he called me today and told me that for some reason he was at the airport and they could not get the cape and horns on the flight.so the outfitter told him not to worry that he would get one of the local taxidermist to flesh the cape and salt it and ship it to him later no problem.he said today he received a fax and the taxidermist said he had the cape and horns ready to ship.and that he owed him 610$ for the fleshing and salting and another 255$ for the crate to ship it.he was about to come unglued on the price. i told him that the crate was probabley not that bad off but could not tell him about the price of the salting and fleshing because i had never done a muskox.i have mounted just about ever animal in the world but ever now and than you get something that you just have not had a chance to mount.but this guy is a good client so i would ask around so what do yall think is the 610$ a fair price for fleshing and salting.thanks in advance hoot

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Don't loose a clients trophy

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NOPE, BUT your not going to get any satisfaction arguing with the guy, pay the bill and get the dkin and horns or risk loosing it.
Sure it's to high, but what can you do?
Maybe never see the guys trophy again?
Don't get in the middle, been there done that and nothing good comes of it. It's between the hunter and the outfitter.

That's just an opinion after dealing in this business for 35 years.

Well Hoot...

This response submitted by tomdes on 1/6/06 at 10:16 PM. ( )

My buddy had to pay his outfitter $400 to cape and salt and boil the skull plate of his elk he took in CO. this past fall. It was high I thought, especially when they didn't turn anything, just rough fleshing. But if his taxidermist did a good fleshing job and turned everything so it's ready for the tannery, then that price doesn't sound to out of line. Did he do the horns also, boil/core and clean them?

heres what you do

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/7/06 at 12:01 AM. ( )

The customer was told by the outfitter not to worry, he would take care of it for him with a local taxidermist, correct? So, the customer, not you, calls the outfitter and asks about this charge. The customer then will say that he was not made aware of any charge, through an advanced billing or estimate, so whats next, he will ask. And he and the outfitter will go from there. My guess is that they will find some kind of comprimise. I believe that should be the first step, not you and the other taxidermist. You of course will smartly stay out of that part of it, as it didnt concern you directly. Unless, of course you WERE part of the original planning, then, shame on you for letting it happen, lol. I dont think thats how it was though. If indeed it were, that 600 bucks comes from...the cost of the mount. Six hundred bucks isnt too far off, I wouldnt guess, for doing the musk ox if its a life size. Or maybe its just the cape, plus tanning. Go ahead and check the tanning cost of a musk ox...see what I mean? For what its worth, the last one I did was LS, and arrived here as a tanned hide. Nice!

thanks for the help

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Thanks guys for the input.no i would never get between the client and the outfitter.he just asked for some advice.the way i understood was that the cape was just fleshed and salted and he didn't know if the horns had been cored.so i told him since he had left the stuff with the outfitter than i would talk with him and see what he can work out first. but i am like yall are and that i don't think he has a lot of recourse since he has his cape and horns pay the bill and take it as a lesson in life allways get a price.thanks hoot

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