re-hydrating tanned bear cape?

Submitted by Jimmy on 10/25/99. ( )

I have already searched the entire forum for info I need,was unable to find it or overlooked it. I put a tanned bear cape out 7 days ago for shoulder mount and next day had a accident that has me laid up and unable to return to shop,hope to get back in a few days,HOw do I re-hydrate cape to avoid getting too wet and causing possible hair slippage, tks ahead of time for your help

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I"ve not done it repeatedly,

This response submitted by Lars on 10/25/99. ( judithmt@lewistown>net )

But I have soaked and dried and re-soaked commercial tanning with no ill-effects to the hide.I can't speak for any other tanning method.But if the hair was "set" by salting and drying then it should hold up at least once again.Try freezing the wet hide if you can't get to it right away, (for any tanning method.)


This response submitted by Frank on 10/26/99. ( )

Don't soak just take a spray bottle and rewet the flesh side of the bear. From there put in a bag and let it overnight in the fridge. The next morning your hide should be ready to mount. The one thing I hate to work with is a soaked hide.

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