Javalina help

Submitted by curt on 10/26/99. ( )

I am getting ready to finish a Javalina and am not sure of the nose color.
Is it partial flesh color on the outside? Can't find reference on this one.
thanks, Curt

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Nose Color

This response submitted by Buckshot on 10/27/99. ( )

Yes it is part flesh and part brown. Start with a flesh color from the nostrils outward then fading into brown then dark brown and finish edges of the nose that are dark brown with paynes grey.

And don't...

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 10/28/99. ( )

gloss that nose! It is not glossy, but rather a satin finish, at best. I've looked at a lot of peccary noses (attached to honest-to-goodness live peccaries), and most of them appear dull, with little or no shine.

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