coyote pedistal mount

Submitted by Jack on 10/26/99. ( )

Where can you buy forms for a pedistal mount for a coyote. All I can find is fox and bobcat mounts. Do they even make coyote pedistal mounts? Any help would be great. Thanks!!!!!

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Try Rineharts

This response submitted by Damon on 10/26/99. ( )

Try John Rineharts Taxidermy supply, Janesville, Wisconsin 1-800-367 3337. They have small game pedestals, including coyotes. Hope this helps!

Roger Martin

This response submitted by Carol on 10/26/99. ( )

Roger Martin has recently sculpted the most complete line of small and medium sized mammal pedestals on the market, including several coyote pedestals. Give McKenzie Supply a call at 800-279-7985 for information on these new mannikins.

when in doubt foam it out

This response submitted by keith on 11/4/99. ( )

hi Jack:
if you can't find a coyote form in a pedestal style ,it's no big deal
get a standard coyote shoulder form and pour foam on the back of it.
then rasp and sand it till you get the flaired affect you want on
it's back and lower chest,use a peice of 1" stock and 1"steel tubing
for a anchor system on your base.might sound like alot of work in
words ,but it only takes minutes.I'm just starting to do this stuff
myself- i never did anything different with a form unless i could get
it that really limited me.A few artcles I read from Mr .
Bellucci turned me to doing more custom work on my forms.sorry
i wrote half a book.

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