Submitted by Jack on 10/28/99. ( Froschauer@localaccess.com )

Eye setting on deer, elk ect. Is there a method to setting eyes to a certian angle, degree, ect. Are there charts giving recomendations for these? I know most of you probably know by just looking but as a beginner is there a different way. thank's

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The eyes have it

This response submitted by Frank on 10/28/99. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

To answer you simply yes all us great totally experinced taxidermist set eyes with our eyes only. Thats right this is how the experts do it.
But I'm no expert so I do use a level and a angle gauge. To begin with shot version, you must level the manikin first the back of the manikin. Then you level the eyes the inside corner of the manikin. after thats leveled some will agree some will disagree, I redrill the eye slot to set them on an angle of 33*. The norm for the industry is 45*. I have done this after reading Breakthrough's magazine a story written by Lone Wolf-Mike Frazier The Eyes Have it. He makes manikins for Research Mannikins, and also after I got some heads in and checked the angle in them they do read 33-35*
From there you have to level the eye pupil up thats the blue glint in the eyes, and make sure the back side of the glass is level also. Then you start to form the eye lids and muscle with clay.
Get as much reference as you can, this will aid you in how an eye is shaped and how it looks. Hope this helps since I'm no expert and have to use all of this things to set deer eyes.

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