Memory of Dry Cell Fibers

Submitted by Rod S on 10/28/99. ( )

Here is a question that relates to a previous discussion.

There was mention of not trying to persue a re-hydration of a game head due to the fact that the dried hide cell fibers create a "memory" of the form.

Well, I beleive this. Here is my question:

Often times when I salt my hides I let them dry rock hard and they often sit around for a while. Likewise, because I tan at home (I know, I should call a tannery, but anyway) I let the hide dry hard before I rub Liquatan all over it, in it and through it. Currently, I have a cape to be mounted that has been Liquatanned and Hard for about a year.

Should I be concerned that the wrinkled hard shape of the cape sitting in the corner awaiting a manikin will cause me grief due to it remembering its current contorted shape when placed on the form?



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No Add some RELAX R

This response submitted by Mark on 10/29/99. ( )

You should be fine, put about 2oz of Relax R in 5 gallons of
water to rehydrate in. Place the cape in it and let it
rehydrate. The Relax R will help take that out because of
its rehydrating ability, You may want to put a little bit
of Tanning oil #1 on it after you rehydrate, let it soak in
then tumble.

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