Removing Antelope Horns?

Submitted by Gordon L. Krause on 11/4/99. ( )

How can I easily remove the horn part of an antelope from the base without waiting for it to rot? Thanks

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Nuke em

This response submitted by Angelo on 11/4/99. ( )

Here is an excerpt from "1st Proghorn" a couple of posts down
it was submitted by Bob Mead. Also try the archives I remeber a couple
of other suggestions.

Excerpt starts here ===>
Since this is your first pronghorn, you may be interested in knowing
that you can remove the horns from the cores by simply placing the
entire unit into your microwave (provided that it will fit) and
"nuking" it for 10-20 second intervals at a time...monitor the horns
carefully, as excessive time in the microwave can cause the horn to
"bubble." When the meat inside the horns heats up enough, simply
twist the horns from the cores. You can then clean the skull, salt
the insides of the horns (let dry, then remove salt) and Bondo the
horns back onto the cores. Hope this helps!


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