Writer looking for Info on Tanning an Elk Head---Help!!

Submitted by Rosalie Barnes on 10/6/99. ( )

HI, I am writing a story with a taxidermist in it. I am looking for detailed, step-by-step information on the process by which one would convert a freshly killed elk into a mounted piece. What would get attached first, how the eyes, ears and nose would work, etc..etc. Including also what chemicals would be used to tan the hide and how one develops the mannekin.

Can anyone help me? Thank you so much for you time.

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This response submitted by Doug M. on 10/6/99. ( )

Please do not take offense at what I'm about to say.

What you are asking is a very involved process. Your question simply cannot be answered fully on a forum such as this. How would you react to someone asking you to tell them, IN DETAIL, how to write something such as a book, get it published, printed, etc. etc.... OR, would you go to an automotive website and expect to get detailed, step by step info on how to remove your car engine, rebuild it, then put it back in? That is an unreasonable request.

I would suggest that you look through the WASCO online catalog and order a manual describing this process (you could get a deer manual as the process is the same.) They are inexpensive and would give the info you seek. I applaud you for attempting to accurately write about what we do but I think you'll find that it's much more involved than you think.

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