Jewler for Elk ivory

Submitted by Bud on 11/7/99. ( )

Can anyone put me in touch with a jeweler who works with elk ivory?

Many Thanks,


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Try one of these

This response submitted by Tim on 11/7/99. ( )

Shermans' Jewelry
PO Box 456a
Arco, Idaho 83213
(208) 527-3411


Jensen Ringmakers
109 Main Avenue East
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301


Frank McCubbins
355 Rhododendron Drive
Quilcene, Washington 98376


KFB Jewelers
31 South Main Street
Chambersburg, Pa. 17201

Hope one of these might be what you are looking for.


This response submitted by Bud W on 11/9/99. ( )

Thanks for your time Tim!

Bud W

Elk Ivory Jewler

This response submitted by JJs Taxidermy on 11/11/99. ( )

I have "the guy" in WI for u if that is convenient. Jerry Krause, Wildlife Goldsmith in Stevens Point WI. If u cant find Him, post a message and Ill post his number next time Im on the forums.

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