Bondo Ears splitting

Submitted by gary on 10/8/99. ( )

Have had some clients call me to advise me that the upper perimeter of the ears of their gameheads had split open, and that the bondo was showing through. These mounts were done almost 5 years ago, animals like Kudu Waterbuck, Nyala etc. l have been advised that this may be becausenthe inner surface of the ear was too dry at the time that l did the bondo, and that l should have wet the inner skin down to make the fibres swell a little and absorb into the bondo better,.Any advice??

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I'll Go You One Better ... Stop Using Bondo!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 10/8/99. ( )


The above title says it ALL! Bondo is not the way to go ... ESPECIALLY not on African game. For what is charged for mounts like that, why go with such a shortcut? African mammals will ALWAYS do best with earliners. I use them for EVERYTHING, but African game just cries out for them.

You really want to stop ear damage in African mounts? Start using earliners, and keep the bondo for adjusting skull plates into proper position, attaching mannikin parts, and repairing fenders.

In the meantime, repair these ears by first dampening them with water, and after they soften up, use a good adhesive like Jaw Juice to glue them closed. Clamp some pieces of flexible "plastic-canvas" at the tips, holding them with spring-type clothes pins, and allow them to dry.

Good luck to you ... John B.


This response submitted by George Roof on 10/8/99. ( )

I love it when John B talks dirty about Bondo. I've been doing it for years and everyone seems sure I have stock in the company. Jaw Juice works great, but a product I swear by is Liquid Fast Set sold by Newton Supply (1-800-888-2467: just tell Steve to send me a few more stock certificates). Fit your earliner of choice, and mix about 4 to 6cc each of the 2 part epoxy. Pour it into the ear and squeeze it around quickly. Insert the liner and work the epoxy around the liner and the bubbles toward the ear butt. Groom. In 5 to 7 minutes your earliner has become a permanent part of the ear skin. Card the edges overnight, and you're done. Works as fast or faster than Bondo, but adheres rather than fills.

No problems with "BONDO"-CAN'T BEAT IT

This response submitted by John Wood on 10/8/99. ( )

I have been successfully using bondo in African ears for ten years with virtually no problem.The solution you were given could partially solve the problem but it could also be the tan you are using or the drying time. Allowing a mount to dry too fast can have drastic and immediate effects on the entire mount, especially the ears. Try placing a plastic bag loosley over the head and ears if your mounts are ready to finish in less than 5 days.
If your mounts are drying slowly then you might consider a different tannery.

Out with the Ear molds

This response submitted by gary on 10/12/99. ( )

15 years ago , l used nothing but earliners in all my mounts, but had trouble with drumming due to the water based glue of the time. Then l decided to use a mix of bondo and resin as a glue ,and had no more drumming problems.THEN l figured ,well since lm using bondo anyway, l may as well keep the original' liners'and use straight bondo!!
Best l go crank up the compressor and go blow the dust off all my plaster ear molds!!!...????, where did l put those little suckers???
Thanks Guys

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