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Using earliners!!!! Is it ok if the earliners don't fit perfect to use critter or poters clay around the edges to fill the void. My only fear is the drying process will it shrink and curl the ears. Has anyone done this before or is there a better way to solve this problem. Does any one know where to get the best earliners for blacktail deer. thanks.

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blacktail ears

This response submitted by mike on 11/9/99. ( )

Try Research Mannikins new 3D earliners by Bill Lancaster-
they're great! Excellent detail, full inner ear, and thin



This response submitted by George Roof on 11/9/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

Several companies suggested this method in the past, but I found that potters clay left the edges too fragile and no matter how I tried, there was a ridge around the edge of the ear. I always go to the next size larger ear, cut it, and run the edges on a belt sander to make them razor thin. When I cannot find a suitable liner available, I fill the ear with 5 minute epoxy with chopped fiberglass. Using the "bondo" (oh, that hurt to say) method, I push it out to the edges and shape the ear as it heats up. Do one ear at a time if you try this.


This response submitted by Bill @fyberfish.com on 11/9/99. ( dish2ndnat@aol.com )

aftr getting a perfect fit with the ear liners, trim an additional 1/8 inch all the way around. this will prevent drumming as the ear dries and shrinks.

Magic Smooth

This response submitted by Tim on 11/24/99. ( timothy_martin@yahoo.com )


Try using Magic Smooth. it is a two part expoxy glue that will hold the ear skin
to prevent drumming, also if you work it out to the edges, as long there is not a
major gap, it will fill it in and get rock hard. I have used just about every glue
for ears and found this to be the very best! It will give you a feather thin edge
with your ears. McKenzie's ear cartlidge liner glue works well too, but doesn't seem
to let you feather out the edge as well.
Try it I think you will be pleased.


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