Submitted by Jack on 10/20/99. ( )

Need information or ideas on building a salt rack. I am a hobbiest in taxidermy but I like to do things as professional as I can. Any Idea's that you guys and gals use at home or your proffesional business. Thanks in advance for the help. This is a great place for a person to get the help he or she needs.

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Get WASCO'S books on Deer.

This response submitted by John C on 10/20/99. ( )

I hate to sound redundent but it sounds like you have missed out on some great info. It is covered in one or more of WASCO'S deerhead books. John C

Do you get Breakthrough Magazine?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/20/99. ( )

Check out Breakthrough Magazine. Last year I did an article on Why Tanneries are Successful - "Salting & Drying" - and it included several photos on large Salt Racks as well as on how I use Plastic milk cartons the same way to save on space. Contact them at - they may have back issues on hand.

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