Bear cut up the throat!

Submitted by Scott on 10/20/99. ( )

OK this is a first for me!
I recieved two black bears that were
cut up
the front to the throat.
My thought when mounting these were to
cut them down the back of the head
sew up the front part
and mount as usual and stitch up the back
sound good?
any comments or suggestion would
be apreciated!

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no cut needed

This response submitted by piebald on 10/20/99. ( )

YOu don't need to split the neck on bear. You can just turn the head back up through like taking off a sock.


This response submitted by JimTucker on 10/20/99. ( )

kind of mounts are they? Shoulder mounts, full body? Either way it is not necessary to sew these cuts and make new ones. Although it is easier to do a dorsal cut lifesize a lot of bear are skinned in the manner that you have observed. Bear hair is usually thick enough that your stitches will not show in either case. I would just mount htem and sew whatever areas are already cut.

Shoulder mount

This response submitted by Scott on 10/21/99. ( )

These are shoulder mounts!
Ill give a shot on the first one without making the second cut!
and see how it goes

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