deer antlers

Submitted by tom h. on 10/21/99. ( )

i am going to a game head school in the spring.can i use a set of antlers off a mulie i have, and use a cape from some where else. how would i know the size would does this prosses work. thanks tom h.

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This response submitted by Frank on 10/21/99. ( )

Sure we all do this from time to time. People bring us a bad cape and want there deer mounted, no problem I buy a cape for them and mount as usual. But I will recomend you get a cape that might match your antlers, as to say a small rack would look better on a small neck size say 16" and go bigger as the rack goes. Though it may not the norm at times but so goes life.


This response submitted by tom on 10/21/99. ( )

thanks Frank !! I am in the huntting mode right now for a mountain goat . I already have a bear capein the freezer.I have a steady job,but i really want to learn taxidermy.Then by the time i retire i should know what im doing, but in the meantime im taking it slow.I am very excited about taxi. school in the spring.If i don't get my goat i will have to use my mulie antlers for the course.The antlers are a two point with 6 to 7 in. points what size should i use for the cape?

Same here

This response submitted by Brandon barton on 10/24/99. ( )

tom, looks like your going through the same thing i am right now. I shot my first buck last year, 2x2 mulie with about the same dimensions you said. I wasn't into taxidermy at the time, so i tossed the cape. But, i found a guy on this forum who is selling me a 19" cape for my rack. This will be my first deer mount. If you would like, take down my email address, and we can comunicate through out our projects. I'll be getting some internet help from they guy who is selling the cape, so i could share my info with you. Good luck

Does anyone want to sell whitetail deer antlers?

This response submitted by Tim on 5/24/00. ( )

I am looking for people who are trying to give away whitetail deer antlers or to pay a small fee to buys them.

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