Threw away my skull(black bear) Now I'm crying the blue's!

Submitted by Chuck on 1/3/00. ( )

Well, I'm very upset at this point. This is what happend a few weeks ago and then some poor info, just yesterday. I went on my very first Bear hunt(1999 PA) with my nabor, who's been hunting black bears for about 23 years. He never had taken a bear in all them years. Now he ask me to go with him and I did, Second day out in the feild He pushed 3 bears right to me. I took out the larger bear(180lbs), He got a smaller one that ran back to him(75bls). Well we took the bear to the taxidermist and told him what we each wanted. Than we also told him "expressly" that we would like the skulls back. He said no problem and that I should call him back in Jan 2000. We'll I called him back(yesterday) and he told me That he already threw my skull in the trash, The reason he had to skin it sooner is because of all the deer heads that came in. Now this was my first time out ever for bear and I realy wanted this skull back to bleach out and mount it on a plack. He offerd to give me a larger skull that he has, but it is in very poor shape,some what greenish looking bone, missing teeth, exc. By the way, my freinds bear is still not skinned(head and legs) so he's gonna get his skull back and I wont. Does anyone know what I should do in this matter. Please respond. Thanks Chuck

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for starters....

This response submitted by ? on 1/3/00. ( )

...quit shootin' sows and cubs.

I hate to be the "Bearer" of bad news....

This response submitted by Perry on 1/3/00. ( )

congrats on your bear. I also harvested a 150 lb sow this year. I wouldn't
pay any attention to "?"'s remarks, he obviously doesn't have a clue on
PA bear hunting. As for your dilema, you will have to work it out with
your taxidermists. there are too many unknowns on both sides here for
anyone to really comment on. Many of us have policies to handle or prevent
such mistakes, but they really only apply to the individual taxidermist.
they may not be "the right thing" for everyone. The best I can suggest is
to make an appointment and sit down and talk with the taxidermists to
come up with an "equitable" solution.

Good Luck and congrats on the bear


if you need a skull...

This response submitted by Rich on 1/3/00. ( )

If you want a replacement skull, let me know, I have several for sale.

Didn't know you could !!!!

This response submitted by dave on 1/5/00. ( )

I don't think you can sell bear parts in Pa.... may be wrong????

You can, under the following conditions

This response submitted by Perry on 1/5/00. ( )

It is legal for hunters to sell the inedible parts of game they
harvest( primarily skins, skulls and antlers) as long as they
are sold within 90 days of the close of the season. Bear
gall bladders are considered "EDIBLE" since they are used for
human consuption.

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