European Mount

Submitted by Jack on 11/14/99. ( )

How do you attach the skull and horns to the wood panel so it is nice and secure.

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Skull to plaque problem

This response submitted by jeff hughes on 11/14/99. ( )

So my idea is not an original one but here is what I do . . .
I buy fairly small toggle bolts, (the long machine screws with a little spring loaded cross piece that pops out and forms a tee)
and drill a hole on the underside of the skull far enough back to have access to the brain cavity. Drill through your plaque with the same size bit so when the skull is centered on the plaque the holes line up.
I countersink the hole on the back of my board so it will hang right.
Now the only trick is fishing the cross piece of the toggle bolt in through the spinal cord hole and holding it in place (either with a wad of tape or hemostats, needle nose pleirs ,etc.)then thread the long machine screw through the back of your plaque, up into the brain cavity through the hole you drilled and start the bolt.
Once it starts to get snug you can toghten it snug from the back of the plaque, DON'T OVERTIGHTEN, or you might crack you now finished masterpice.
Good luck. jeff

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