1 1/2" Slit down the thinnest center part of the innerEar!!!

Submitted by Rod on 11/15/99. ( rs@pacificdesignbuild.com )

I've had cuts along the edge of ears that have not been too bad to fix but now I have a juicy 1 1/2" slit right in the top middle of the inner ear that is sure to be seen. This area of the elk ear is tissue paper thin. I'm going to use Lancaster 3-D ear liners.

What I was thinking is to glue some sort of thin fabric or paper patch over the cut on the inside of the ear with some kind of thin glue or epoxy; trying to get the ear preped before inserting the ear liners.

What do you think? Any suggestions or other fixes?


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dryer sheets

This response submitted by Doug M. on 11/15/99. ( )

This is a subject where there's definately "more than one way to skin a cat."

I've always had good luck using fabric softener sheets you put in the clothes dryer. It is surprisingly strong stuff. Make sure they've gone thru a few loads so they are soft and flexible. Prep the area to be patched (on the inside of course) with laquer thinner to remove any oils. Line up the edges of the cut and glue down a layer or two of this material with superglue or epoxy.

ear repair

This response submitted by mike on 11/15/99. ( )

This is not something I came up with, but it's quick and easy.
Wipe repair area with solvent to remove any surface oil, cut
a piece of latex glove large enough to cover repair, align
edges, apply super glue(original, thin type) around tear and
lay latex piece over glue.
This works extremely well and it's fast and durable.
If you then use an epoxy earliner paste, you can avoid any
opening of the cut associated with the quick drying of this
thin tissue. If needed you can use a little apoxie to hide
slit inside ear.
Thanks, Ike!!


Why not use a natural alternative?

This response submitted by George Roof on 11/15/99. ( georoof@aol.com )


A method I wrote about in our state newsletter has recently been promoted by McKenzie. On your tanned, rehydrated hide, shave a wafer of inner flesh from one of the thicker areas of the hide. Turn the ear and push the earliner in backwards (so that it bulges out of the cut. Run a fine line of super glue down one side of the tear. Lay the wafer on the inner ear and press down. When it seizes. Run another fine line of glue down the other side. Gently pull the wafer until the slit closes and press it down on the super glue. If hair is missing on the inner ear, paint a small thin layer of 5 minute epoxy over the tear. Push a cotton ball into the glue and let it dry. When dry, pull the ball off and fine fake hairs will be in place. I either dirty them up to make gray or rub paste shoe polish on a rag and rough the cotton fibers up to match the brown of elk. Then use a 5 minute epoxy to install your earliner. This will seal all the repairs and keep the super glue from getting brittle later on.

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