horn mount

Submitted by Neil on 11/19/99. ( hunte567@aol.com )

Im doing a horn mount and he wants the deer hide for the cover. All I have is the horns, where can i get a piece of hide for this. Thanks

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Here's a suggestion

This response submitted by LH on 11/19/99. ( )

I've got a repeat customer that always wants the same thing. I think they look terrible when compared top a nice piece of buckskin, but hey, he's the one that pays the bill. What I've done in preparation for the three more mounts he wants me to do is filled one of my own tags with an early season doe. The hair is short which makes it lay down better - one of the problems I have with using hair-on deer hide for these mounts. I'm planning on mounting the deer for myself for practice and when I caped it I, I took the entire hide clear to the butt. After it's tanned, I'll cut off what isn't needed for the shoulder mount and the balance will go to cover his forms at no additional cost to me. If you don't hunt, find a bow hunter that hunts for meat and typically fills his tag early on.

Head Skin

This response submitted by Lianne on 11/19/99. ( )

I, too, have the customer that always wants the hair-on horn mount. He has learned to save the whole head for me. We use the forehead skin (tan it) and custom make the form from papier mache. It looks like the top of a deer's head. A meat processor would probably make you a deal.


This response submitted by Neil on 11/19/99. ( )

thanks guys

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