How do you measure most accurately?

Submitted by JB on 12/1/99. ( )

I just got in a elk and mule deer which were caped by a western outfitter. How do you correlate the skinned eye to nose measurement with the one normally taken with a calipers while still on the skull? I'm a stickler on measurements and best fit, and also would rather not be cutting and pasting mannikins after I order them. Thanks alot!

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Well, I Know The Above "JB" Is Not Me ... :)

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 12/1/99. ( )

Hey JB,

The best thing to do is to stuff or fill the head area to as close to proper dimensions as possible, with either rags, newspaper, etc. Hand-shape it to somewhat accurate dimensions, and take a measurement for the nose to eye. This is somewhat more accurate than just laying the cape down flat for recording the measurement.

If you have extra headforms laying around, you could trial-fit the fleshed head skin on one until you get a match. Even if it doesn't quite fit properly, you will at least have a better idea as to the correct size needed.

If you're really a stickler for as accurate a measurement as possible, a good tip here, is to order "change-out" heads of various sizes and keep these around for just this purpose.

There you go. Hope one of these methods works for you. I've used all but stocking in those change-out heads, and they work!

Best of luck ... John B.


This response submitted by not me on 12/1/99. ( )

Sure John nothing like writeing to yourself and then replying back. LOL

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