shrunken bighorn horns

Submitted by Mark Penninger on 11/21/99. ( markp@eoni )

How do I get bighorn horn sheaths back on when they have been off so long that they've shrunk and developed wrinkles along the opening edge? This is a pick up, large 9 yr old ram, and the customer wants a skull mount. I just don't know how to reinstall the horns! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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grind away!!!!!

This response submitted by Jeff T. Becker on 11/21/99. ( )

we just use our hand held grinder and start taking down the core until you have a good horn fit! Just remember to turn on the exaust fan or do it outside. Good luck.

Its not the core, but the sheath

This response submitted by Mark Penninger on 11/23/99. ( )

Its the horn sheaths that have shrunk too much. If I grind them so they fit, the first 4" of horn would be gone. Could I soak them in water and pry them open?

No, read the answer to your post

This response submitted by Lars on 11/25/99. ( )

Jeff stated correctly, grind the CORE ,which is the bone,not the horn ,till it fits.And check thoroughly with game laws in your state.....pick-up Bighorn horns are a no-no in most areas.Have they been plugged by fish and game?

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