Antler mount question

Submitted by Chuck on 11/25/99. ( )

Recently I have had a client bring me sets of antlers to mount for wall deco. in his east TN log home.The first pair were mounted on slabs of birch log like a sconce.this time he wants something different but the orders "anything but a dumb looking flat shield " came with them .they are not trophy antlers by any means . he is just looking for a rustic look to the cabin .Does anybody have a low cost idea that is not "common " but doable for a 12" spread 7 pt .My idea was maybe a hall mirror but he said he'd rather wait for a better rack for that. Thanks - no hurry CHUCK

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Barn wood

This response submitted by Dan R on 11/25/99. ( )

Have you seen the new embrossed antler plates from Van Dykes? They look pretty good and when mounted on an old piece of barn wood it just brings it all togther. I like em anyway.

rustic panel

This response submitted by JJ's Taxidermy on 11/29/99. ( )

several copanies sell oval panels with the bark still on. Van Dykes and Rinehart are two examples.

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