How To Turn Ears?

Submitted by Jeff Hansen on 11/26/99. ( )

I'm working on my first mule deer game head and I'm a little worried about the ears. I've always heard stories about ruining a good cape after putting a hole in the ears. I was curious as to if anyone could help me out? This is one of those "trial by fire" ordeals, and it's also a free-be for a friend. But, I at least want to make it look good. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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This response submitted by Art on 11/26/99. ( )

Jeff, I'll tell ya, the best way to learn that is to watch someone do it once,
either in person or on video. Do you have anyone who could turn one for you and let you do the other?

take your time

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 11/27/99. ( )

What you're going to do is simply "fillet" the ear skin from the cartilage. You can hold the ear butt with one hand and pull on the skin. Then you'll see the white membrane you need to cut. Angle your knife toward the cartilage instead of the skin. If you're doing it without an "earsplitter" tool, use your thumb and a sharp knife. Go slow, slow, slow. It's quicker then sewing holes. If you see hair sticking to the cartilage, stop immediately, and slice the hair off the cartilage before tearing a hole through the skin. If it's a small tear, the ear glue (apoxie smooth) will repair it. If bondo is used, it will have to be patched or sewn.

Thanks for the help

This response submitted by Jeff on 11/30/99. ( )

Thanks Art and Mr. Pacemakr, I'll let you know how it all turns out!

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