Orxy Horns

Submitted by Kyle on 12/11/99. ( )

I am going to mount a orxy head pretty soon and I was just wandering if you had to remove the horns from the skull and clean them out? If you do how do you get the horns off. Thanks.

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This response submitted by Critters on 12/11/99. ( crttrs99@palacenet.net )

are the horns fresh or have the been boiled clean. If they're fresh wrap the horns in tin foil and boil them.

elbow grease!

This response submitted by Mark Penninger on 12/11/99. ( markp@eoni.com )

I just removed my first set of oryx horns. They were not fresh. I drilled small holes through the sheaths (about six up each horn). Then boiled them for an hour or so. Then Put the skull plate in my vise, grabbed the horn with a pair of channel locks and hammered the pliers till the sheaths poped off. I ended up marring up the horns where the pliers gripped them, but those mars are easily repaired with Magic Sculpt. Good luck, and be prepared for a bad odor when they come off.

Dont Boil Them!

This response submitted by Jeff on 12/15/99. ( )

Dont ever boil horns! It can cause discoloration & possibly
damage them. Simply place the horns in two plastic bags(one
will leak) & let them sit for a week or two. The tissue
inside will begin to rot allowing the horns to pop off!
If that doesnt work, you may have to soak them in water.
You will need a large garbage can to do this. Just submerge
them in water for a week or two & then try & remove them.
After removing the horns, sprinkle borax in the horns & boil the
skull cap to remove any remaining tissue, that simple!
Good luck!

Steam them

This response submitted by paul on 12/19/99. ( )

I have done quite a few of these. The best way to remove them is to steam them.
1. Take a large trash can and put about 6 inchs of water in the bottom.
2. Set a brick in the bottom to keep the horns from getting in the water.
If you let the horns boil they will start to desinagrate.
3. Plase the skull on the brick cover the top of the can best you can .I take a piece of ply wood and cut out slots
for the horns to come through at the top.
4. Then let them steam for about 30 min.
Check them at this piont they should show some looseness at the base
Take a pair of chanel locks and twist. Don't use to much force. When there ready to come off they should
pop right off. If they are not fresh this may take a while.
Be patient with it it will work.

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