Submitted by Jason on 11/27/99. ( )

How many hour's does it thak to complete a deer head from start to finnish, just talking hours you spend working on it. I know this is a hard question for most of you to answer, because some do better work and spend more time on it. But would like to know how long is should take. Thanks!

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my commercial heads

This response submitted by dak on 11/28/99. ( )

For me on an average...skinning,fleshing,mounting,finish work....6 to 7 hours
depending on the animals size... Basicly a days work when unproductive time is figured in!!!
You need to start thinking in terms of how much can you get done in a whole day...
Figuring time for work broken up into sections never seams to work out.
The phone rings, you have to spend time placing orders,
there is so much unproductive time involved that you must factor in.

MY commercial heads are the same ones I have used in shows.

This response submitted by John C on 11/28/99. ( )

When I did commercial work, I used the same heads for competitions. These were/are good enough for a 3rd place at the 1999 WTC.

I did attend Joe Meders workshop this year, have not entered anything since. But time is still in the 12/15 hour range this includes skinning, tanning, mounting etc.

I feel if I were to do commercial work I would need around $375 for this head. I dont have to worry about it anymore, I am doing some for my close friend s for free, these will also be my competition heads for this next year. Yes they are getting the works. I may not ever mount another Blue ribbon deer but they will be close and my STANDARD WORK. I do better work when I dont charge for it, dont you? JC

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