Filling in Around Skull Cap

Submitted by Danny Gabbard, Sr. on 11/27/99. ( )

I was wondering what you folks use to fill in around the skull cap area of your gamehead mounts??

Sally Dahmes uses her paper mache. I didn't like that too well.

Most recently I have used bondo. That was OK.

But....was just wondering what you use...what you have tried...what you like.


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This response submitted by George Roof on 11/28/99. ( )

I never like the papier mache either. I always hated introducing the extra moisture to the equation. I, too, (believe it or not) use Bondo. I mix it hot and add Cabosil to keep it from running. Once I apply it, I quickly cover it with plastic wrap. I shape it under the wrap and it becomes smooth to the touch. When it starts to set, I remove the wrap and shave the jagged surfaces and clear the channel under the antler burrs before it hardens completely. Never had a problem YET.

Bondo Plus

This response submitted by TimB on 11/28/99. ( )

Hi Danny,
I too use bondo to set the antlers. I have never liked to use mache to fill
around skull plate. I started using 2-part foam after the antlers are secure
and then shape it. It takes about 20 minutes to set and fills the voids without
excess weight also. Hope this helps.

Good Luck! TimB

Potters Clay

This response submitted by Tom K. on 11/28/99. ( )

I use Bondo to set antlers,and potters clay to shape around skull and ear bases with pro. results...............try it. Tom

Critter Clay

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 11/28/99. ( )

Just about the same as Tom, I use Bondo to hold the antlers in place, screw them in, and fill in the "meat" with Critter Clay. It's easy and I get just the right amount.

Cheap Fills

This response submitted by Lars Jensen on 11/30/99. ( )

I like plaster of paris mixed with hi-fibe or pulp with a dash of Dextrine powder to slow it down,and ,mixed on the thick side, it wont sag on you.Smooth it out with a wet brush,washes off with water,doesn't smell,and most of the water has evaporated by the time you glue the form to place the cape.With screws in the skull cap ,you dont need bullet proof filler.

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