Buffalo (Bison) Help

Submitted by Jon on 12/15/99. ( Deadbass@aol.com )

New at this have done a couple deer heads and friend was
so happy that now he has brought me a Buffalo cape. I
need some help on dos and don'ts. Looking for any books
tapes too.

Thanks Jon

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Don't Lose Your Sense of Humor

This response submitted by George Roof on 12/15/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

Buffalo are just like deer.....only different. Caping the head out is like changing the oil in a Landrover(You'll end up wearing it as you work around it.) Fleshing it is going to be back breaking and make use if you use a round knife, you have a BIG workspace cleared. You may as well prepare to have to go back and reshave it 5 or 6 times since there's no way you can get it down to mounting thickness in one swipe. Just plan 2 days and make sure you have a day off planned for the 3rd.

One bet...you'll be glad you did it once, but the second time will get a whole lot more expensive.

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