Brittle Pronghorn Hair

Submitted by Bo on 12/16/99. ( )

Is there anything that I can put on the hair of this pronghorn that will make the hair less brittle? (I've searched the archives for a post that I had remembered reading earlier this year about a sheep with brittle hair but I can't find it again). The ends of the hair are breaking off. Is this problem common with antelopes? Thanks, Bo.

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Antelope hair

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 12/17/99. ( )

Bo, Well, that's the nature of the beast. Most people who have antelope mounts in public places (like gun stores) keep them out of reach for that reason. If someone "pets" them against the hair, it flakes off like glass fibers. Even the hunters I've talked to say they've ruined capes by dragging them. I doubt that there's any kind of conditioner that would be of long term help.

Thank You!

This response submitted by Bo on 12/17/99. ( )

Thanks, that's really all that I needed to know. I was afraid that it may have been something that I did wrong. I knew that they were brittle but I didn't realize just how brittle. This guy actually dragged all of the hair off of one side but lucky for him it stopped at the shoulder. Made a nice wall pedestal mount though. Thanks again, Bo.

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