Preparing weathered skull mount

Submitted by Charles on 12/29/99. ( )

I have recently recovered the skull & antlers of a very nice 11 point
Whitetail after about a year and a half of weather exposure. I regret
not being able to collect the deer at the time it was shot but these
things happen. Since I have always wanted to try a skull mount this
provides me with a great oportunity with this find. I would like to know
the best procedures to clean the skull, which is somewhat stained, and
replenish the natural look of the slightly faded horns without doing
damage to either. I found a response in the forum that sounded close
but since my skull is weathered and dry I was not sure it would work.

Here is the forum comments on skull cleaning:

This response submitted by Tim Kern on 11/2/99. ( )

Mix 35%(strength) hydrogen peroxide with magnezium carbonate. Go with
a 60/40 mixture. You will only want to mix about 1/2 to 3/4 cup, it doesn't take much. Get a paint brush and paint this solution on. After it dries take a tooth brush or
other stiff soft brissel brush and brush the dust of. It should be white after one application. I did have to do this twice once on a stained skull. But it came out
beautiful. Good luck.

If this is what I need to try what is magnezium carbonate???

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