Submitted by RICK, E on 5/24/99. ( ECKES@POWERWEB.NET )

a CUSTOMER has A DALL SHEEP,IT'S 8 YRS OLD. He said it looked good for 4 yrs then started turning yellow.The customer is non-smoking,buthas not ever cleaned it. I told him to bring it in and i would ciean it,but if this dont work can i bleach it with fur bleach xl or the past or what should i do? THANKS, RICK.

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Yellow Dall

This response submitted by George Roof on 5/24/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

If your customer doesn't smoke, it must be subjected to wood stove or fireplace smoke.
You should be able to wash it off relatively well. I've used Eliminator from Van Dykes on a similar mount. I removed the backboard and took it out in the driveway, sprayed the Eliminator on and hosed it off. Then I took high pressure air and blew the water off of the fur. Then I took it back in the shop, back brushed it gently with a hair dryer until dry and touched up the paint around the eyes and nose.
As for bleaching, you're back in the driveway. I'm sure Rittels and/or Knoblochs has a bleaching agent. I go to the local Sally's Beauty Shop Supply store. I use Ultra White Bleaching Powder and 30% developer. In a PLASTIC bowl, I put 2 premeasured packets of powder and add enough developer that I can whip the mixture into a foam lather. I then paint the foam on to the hair with a cheap brush. Let it set no longer than 10 minutes and wash it off with a hose. If all the discoloration isn't removed, you can reapply it only ONCE more. If it doesn't come out, live with it before the hair becomes brittle.
If you use this method, wear eye and hand protection as well as a good bib. Be very careful not to get the foam on the eyelids or the nostril and lips. The bleach will work just as well on them as the hair.

Before you apply

This response submitted by Lars on 5/25/99. ( judithmt@lewistown.net )

Rick,When you get the mount in, and in front of the customer, brush the hair lightly with your hand. If it's so brittle it breaks off the tips, it's already been over-bleached. Hand it back to him and save yourself a headache.If it's sound, lift a section of hair to see if it's surface discoloration, only.That can be cleaned and bleached per Mr. Roof's instructions.

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