Need info on mounting stands

Submitted by Bill G. on 3/29/99. ( )

I need a mounting stand heavy duty enough to do full sneak elk. Does
anyone know who sells one? Every company I talked to didn't have one
that would hold an elk. I was told that the one supply Mike Noonkester Supply sells
might be strong enough. Anybody know?

Thank you,
Bill G.

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This response submitted by MARK on 3/29/99. ( )

Look in Jonas SUPPLIES CATALOG on page 204, they have four different
ones to choose from. The catalog is even on line now go
back to the home page here and click on the Jonas NAME.
Other wise call and get a catalog good luck to you.

Lutan F useage

This response submitted by Tony on 3/31/99. ( )

I use Lutan F to tan my capes. I mix 5 gal. of solution, tan one cape,
then discard. I was wondering if you can tan another cape after the solution
has been used once?

james edger Authentic Taxidermy Supply

This response submitted by John C on 4/4/99. ( )

MR. Edger has one that will hold a CAPE BUFFALO. it pivots 360 plus full up and down range. Its very well made and will last a lifetime. Especially after your spouse kills you for buying it, without asking. John C

Thanks for the help

This response submitted by Bill G. on 4/9/99. ( )

Thank you for your help.

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