Lifetone Paint Going Bad

Submitted by Jeff Z. on 5/26/99. ( )

The last two bottles of Hydromist Black that Ive bought are different that what Ive gotten in the past. Both bottles of paint are sticking to my color cup and I have to scrub it to remove the paint where as the old black I used(same paint) came off with a squirt of acetone. Also, the one bottle I bought starting clumping up in the color cup. Anyone know whats up?

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good question

This response submitted by Rob on 5/27/99. ( )

I have had the identical problem with my new hm paint, just one color though. Water still works to clean the paint,but acetone makes bubble gum.Laquer thinner doesn't work either because I thought maybe the bottles at factory got mixed up.No smell though.


This response submitted by Jeff Z. on 5/27/99. ( )

Yes, when I applied acetone it did the same thing. Im also having trouble spraying it. Ive got an Aztek and I have to use the largest nozzle I have just to get it to spray. It wont spray thru the fine nozzle. What color did you have problems with? Ive also noticed the dark brown in hydromist is also not coming clean. Have to scrub it with brush and water.


This response submitted by just an idea on 5/28/99. ( <:)((((>< )

did you try calling the company you made purchase at, and ask them whats up?

to just an idea

This response submitted by Rob on 5/28/99. ( )

I have used their product for 10 years without any problems.I can live with one small bottle not being any good,so NO I did not call the manufacturer.My personal opinion is that the paint froze because mine came in 0 degree weather, another reason for not really worrying about it.I was actually surprised to see somebody else with the same problem.

Frozen HM Paints

This response submitted by Rob H. on 5/31/99. ( )

Rob as far as I know HM and laquer paints are freeze-thaw stable, there must be something else wrong with it.

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