Suggestions on gemsbok

Submitted by Rattus on 6/1/99. ( markp@eoni )

I'm fleshing my first gensbok (oryx) this evening. I noticed that the hide is about 1.5" thick along the mid and upper neck area! I've never seen a skin that thick. Is there anything that I need to do differently than with any other large cape? I plan to flesh and salt as usual. I hope I don't need to thin out that thick skin. If I do, how do I do it? Any other hints unique to this species would be much appreciated.

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Gotta Shave It !

This response submitted by keith Daniels on 6/2/99. ( )

The thick area definately needs shaved. After pickling shave with either a round knife, or mini flesher. If you don't have this ability, you need to send it to a tannery.

What about prior to tanning?

This response submitted by Rattus on 6/2/99. ( )

Kieth, thanks for the info. I will use a commercial tannery, but I was wondering what to do about the thick hide now. I'm worried that the salt won't penetrate good enough and the hair may slip. Should I just pour the salt to it and let it air dry?

Maybe Score It

This response submitted by keith on 6/3/99. ( )

You should be O K just salting it heavy a couple of times, I assume this is from a game ranch here in the states and it's a fresh skin. If you are a little worried about it, make scores, knife cuts most of the way through, in a checkerboard pattern with the scores about an inch apart. This way the salt will be able to penetrate and draw from the sides of the scores also. I wouldn't try to do much thinning of it while green, you might do damage to the hair. Gemsbok hair can tend to be on the brittle side. Keith

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