Looking for caribou guide suggestions

Submitted by Scott on 6/8/99. ( SBu7172907@aol.com )

Wanting to go 2x1 caribou hunt in alaska. Does anyone have any clientsthat have had any good reports or bad? please let me know who to call and who to stay away from!

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not Alaska but the best

This response submitted by keith on 6/14/99. ( wildside@ciaccess.com )

the place I went to is in northern Quebec above the tree line
HIGH NORTH OUTFITTING.Ran by Kevin Mattice,He also runs South Nahani
Outfitting in the N.W.T ,he does Caribou there too.
I worked for Kevin Guiding and preparing hides for a month last year,
this camp is second to none-Great Caribou/lake trout/ptarmigan hunting
lots of boats for transportation down miles of lake and river system
"Lake Dufreboy".Ask some of your S.C.I and F.N.A.W.S guys they have been there
if you want info i have all the info you will need.
email me ,hope this is of interest to you

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