Dull Sheep- still yellow spots

Submitted by Richard E on 6/12/99. ( eckes@powerweb.net )

Thanks for the advise. I washed it down and pulled a little yellow out. But it seamed like more yellow spots apeared. Some one told me it was blood stains that were set in before it was tanned. And maybe the taxidermist used a whiting chalk. Is this what I washed out? Any way I bleached it with fur bleached XL by Knobloch. Because I didn't want to use anything to harsh. Now some Spots are whiter then others. I seem to not be able to make it look uniform now. Can I use a lifetone high dye on the hair to blend it or the whiting chalk again? I really want to make the customer happy. Any more sugustions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rick

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Use A Bleaching "Cream"

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 6/13/99. ( ArtistExpr@aol.com )

Hi Rick,

You need to go to a Sally's Beauty Suppl shop in your area, and burchase a cream type bleach that is used for bleaching hair. It is simple to apply, as the thickness of the cream lets it stay where it is put.

It is best to first dampen the hair with water applied with a spritzing type spray bottle. Wipe off the excess water, then apply the cream bleach with a wide disposeable brush.

**In this case, you might want to try a amall inconspicuous place on the hair, as it has been previously treated... just to be safe.**

If you can sit the mount in the sun for a little while, it helps activate the bleach a bit more. Remember this stuff is made for hair, so there is a conditioner in it to prevent making the hair become brittle. A MAJOR PLUS FOR SHEEP HAIR!

If all goes well after the test... by all means, proceed to bleach out the rest of the mount. **The length of time it sits on the hair varies as to the amount and strength of the yellowing, so start at letting it sit for about 15 - 20 minutes at first, sponge it away with a damp sponge ... check it, and re-apply if needed. Oh yeah ... WEAR RUBBER GLOVES when working with this stuff! Use the Platex Kitchen type gloves.** Overall it is a product that has worked for me.

Keep us informed here as to how all turns out, and best of luck to you! Regards ... John B.

That's "Sally's Beauty Supply"...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 6/13/99. ( ArtistExpr@aol.com )

Oops... sorry for the typo!


This response submitted by Rick E. on 6/22/99. ( )

Just wanted to say thanks, it worked. i will E-Mail you later with details and i have aonther question.

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