Your Methold of Rehydrating Your Commercially Tanned Hides

Submitted by Danny Gabbard, Sr. on 6/18/99. ( )

Hello Folks,

I have just recently made the decision to go with commercially tanned hides for my mounts.

If you use commercially tanned hides, what is your method of rehydrating the hides for mounting???


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See Tanning!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 6/18/99. ( )

Check out you question on the Tanning category! I tried to answer it!


This response submitted by Bill D on 6/24/99. ( )

my tannery uses the Lutan-F TAN. i just soak in plain cold water for 15-30 mins.squeeze out excess water, then let the hide or cape "sweat" over night in the fridge. it is then ready to prep and mount. i have never had a problem , using this method.

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