Need Rough Est. on B&C Shldr. Mount (Muley)

Submitted by Rick on 6/20/99. ( )

I have an 'All Time Record Book' mule deer (shldr mount), that scored 207 gross and 198 1/8 official. It's a real nice, very symetrical rack and I'm curious about it's value. Anyone have an educated guess on the approx. value? I can send a photo if needed.

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This response submitted by Jean Lavallee on 6/20/99. ( )

These things are only worth what someone is willing to pay. Two days after you sell them someone will tell you that they would have given you twice what you sold them for. Put a price on them that will satisfy you, and if you get that offer sell them.Advertise the price and wait a few months to see what response you get.

Thanks Jean

This response submitted by Rick Heitman on 6/20/99. ( )

I kinda figured as much, it's a unique market. Problem is, I haven't the slightest idea where to start. I know there are serious collectors' out there, but have no idea how to get this head visible in that type of arena. I'll take all the suggestions & ideas anyone has to offer. I appreciate your input, and in just finding this forum yesterday I gotta say this is a GREAT asset for anyone into taxidermy. It's gonna to help me, with all the slick tips flying around. So thanks to all you folks out there!


This response submitted by Jean Lavallee on 6/21/99. ( )

Take a good picture of this head and advertise it in Breakthrough or Taxidermy Today. Look at the prices for reproduction antlers of comparable size and tripple that price for the antlers. Add the cost of a cape and taxidermy job and you now have a ball-park value. Where you go from there is up to you. Good luck.

Great Baseline

This response submitted by Rick Heitman on 6/21/99. ( )

Now there's some basics that I can use, an approach I'd have never thought of. Jean, I really appreciate you takin' the time to coax me along. And as I mentioned before, these forums will help a lot of folks find some simple/effective solutions to most of their issues. You've already helped me! THANKS!!

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