skinning bear head

Submitted by Tom on 4/19/99. ( )

Could someone please explain how to properly skin out a bear head for a shoulder mount..ears,eyes,lips and nose.It's bear season up hear in Canada and would like to try my first mount!!!....Thank You

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You obviously don't live in ontario

This response submitted by Perry on 4/20/99. ( )

First, make no cuts past the front legs. You really should be able
to remove the cape without any incisions. be careful around the ears.
Don't be afraid to leave meat and fat on the hide. you can flesh that
off later. don't get discouraged if you make small nicks and cuts in
the cape. they can be sewed. once the cape is removed from the skull,
you will need to turn the lips, nostrils, ears and eyes. You will also
need to flesh and scrape all fat and meat from the skin. once these
are done, you salt the cape until it dries and tan ( home or commercial).
By the way, take an eye to nose measurement befor skinning, and a neck
measurement from the carcass, as per the diagrams in the various supplier
catalogs. Good luck.

Amen to Ontario

This response submitted by George Roof on 4/20/99. ( )

Perry gave some excellent advise on the procedures. I don't bother with the measurements on a green hide of a bear though. Bears hide stretch in volumes.
I salt my hides and as soon as they dry, I send them to a professional tannery. I have tanned my on bear, but learned quickly that with all that grease, a professional tannery can do a better job for me.
When I get my hide back, I soak it in a capfull of fabric softener and 5 gallons of water for up to 2 hours. I let it drip dry, roll it up, put it in a plastic back and refrigerate it overnight. Next day, I remove it and stretch it sideways and longways as hard as I can. THEN I measure the eye/nose and neck measurements. (A small, green hide from a black bear will easily fit a grizzly head.) Just wait to take the measurements AFTER the hide is tanned.

Thanks Guys

This response submitted by Tom on 4/20/99. ( )

Thank You very much for the info. But still not sure about skinning out the lips and whatever else needs to be done.My guess is you skin out the lipps and eyes to make them as thin as you can. Kind of rolling out a rug.Oh by the way i live in northern B.C. thanks again.


This response submitted by Travis on 4/22/99. ( )

Last I heard Ontario has banned their spring bear season????? Was that for non residents only??? Good luck on your mounts..

Ont. bear

This response submitted by Tom on 4/22/99. ( )

No Travis i think they closed the spring bear season for everyone.

Spring Bear Hunt

This response submitted by J Wright on 2/25/00. ( )

Yes they have stopped the spring bear for everyone. In case you are not aware, for many years many yonge cubs were left to die because there mother was killed so that someone like you could hang her head on your wall. Perhaps you could teach yourself something more humane and worthwhile.

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