caribou cape

Submitted by margi on 4/22/99. ( )

Ihave a caribou cape that was shipped directly from Alaska to New Method wwith my customer no. attached so it would be shipped directly
back to me. When it came in I noticed that most of the lip skin was missing plus some of the fur(or is it hair - DUH) was missing. It looks like possibly as much as one inch of the fur on both sides could be gone from nose back to corner of mouth. Customer would like a shoulder mount if possible - he does know the problem is there.
does anyone have any tips on how to fix this or know about a replacement cape? Thanks for any help.

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I know of a good cape...

This response submitted by Bill on 4/22/99. ( )

I just got a call on a nice white cape freshly tanned by Interstate tanneries (my personal tannery) and the guy only wants $100. If you know the tanning charges you know this is a good deal. E-mail me and I can put you two together, no, I don't make anything on it, it would be between the two of you.

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