african seams

Submitted by tom crafton on 4/25/99. ( )

im having trouble hideing and finishing seams on short haired animals any sugestions out there

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try this

This response submitted by Bill on 4/26/99. ( )

Try filling the gap with epoxie clay. It ressembles the skin membrane better when textured and painted. If you are fussy, you can mount the usual way, bring the hide (seam) together with some quick stitches and let the mount dry a bit. Then go back, rehydrate the seam area, remove the temp. stitches, apply glue, and begin sewing very close to the edge and close to each other. This way only the skin near the seam is pulling or moving, not the whole mount. It allows you to sew fine stitches with out fear of popping them later. You must be close as the mount dried to do this, so make sure the seam is temporarily in place before first drying. Again, thats for the fanatic...or a early season deer head...Hmmm.

This works too

This response submitted by Lars on 4/29/99. ( )

If you are using a professional tan,use a baseball stitch and take at least 10 per inch.Then as the seam starts to dry,use a wooden sculpting tool with a paddle- end to gently push the outer epidermal and hair from each side of the seam, to the center.Do again before the seam and glue get too hard.Then a little back brushing covers it nicely.Don't get any hair in the thread loops!! Practice.....

Best Method I've found

This response submitted by Dan on 6/22/99. ( )

Make very tight stiches with a very small needle and thread. I use Spyder wire fishing line and a Beading needle. The diameter is almost the same as the line. when the mount is dry Tap your seam Carefully With a rubber mallet. Carefully use epoxy clay to fill in where the hide has pulled apart. Inherent with african mounts. Go along the entire seam,filling as you go. When you are done, while the clay is still wet texture with a terry cloth towel, then dab with a very wet paintbrush and sprinkle with cement that's right cement. it will be very dark when it's wet but will dry light, when thats dry usually the next day carefully brush with a toothbrush along the seam. It will come out of the hair. Then you can paint to match your hair color. I use apoxie clay because it dries with a dull finish. The cement alo dries with a dull finish and heps teture or hide the seam. Good Luck

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