Moss stained shed antlers

Submitted by IAdroptine on 5/15/99. ( )

Hi guys, I know this is not a question about taxidermy but thought with all the talent out there I may find some help. I'm looking for a solution to moss/algae stained anlters. I have tried soaking in a bleach bath, peroxide and direct sun light but have been unable to get rid of the Green stain in the outer surface of antlers that have sat in the grasses for a season or more. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks, IAdroptine, Shed Hunter

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This response submitted by B.S.RHEA on 5/20/99. ( )

If you are going to bleach them to remove the stain,I would sand the stain and re-stain the whole rack with a antler stain from one of the suppliers.

Bathroon cleaner

This response submitted by Bojack on 6/2/99. ( )

Try spraying them down with some type of tilex or X14
bathroom mold cleaner, that may solve your problem.
Good Luck!

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