Freezer burned bear

Submitted by Ken on 5/2/99. ( )

I have a customer that has had a bear in the freezer (unprotected) for about two years. I tried to thaw it but it wouldn't relax enough to even unfold. Is it salvageable? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Ken.

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Last Resort!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/3/99. ( )

Try a commercial Relaxer on it. First thaw it completely, and then mix up the relaxing solution and let it soak out. If you use our US-609, mix it 1:100. Or 1 Part US-609 to 100 Parts Water. No salt. Its an excellent penetrator, since it makes the water wetter and works well on air dried and Africans. Customers have told us it also works great on freezer burned birds, fish and capes. Its no guarantee, but its the best I've used.

Like Bruce Says

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 5/3/99. ( )

It will work just as Bruce says. It probably won't relax it completely, but as it's in the pickle you can turn the ears and split the lips a little at a time. Don't get anxious, it might take a few weeks in the pickle before you can get it completely ready to shave and tan.

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