How to prepare Moose Horns

Submitted by John Hidell on 3/2/1999. ( )

I have received a set of moose horns that were
harvested this fall in Alaska. I need help as
to what to use for cleaning and drying and what
to use to preserve them. I plan on mounting them
outside on the deck. Thanks John

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This response submitted by Janie on 3/2/1999. ( )

I usally just boil skull plate in sodium carbonate and this will remove all the flesh from skull and just wash it off good let sit till dry after boing skull will be alittle loose but it will tighten up after it cools a while. This should be enough to keep them

outside is the answer

This response submitted by Rob on 3/3/1999. ( )

If you are going to mount these outside in the weather there is really no need to clean dry and preserve them.The only physical work I would do to them is possibly remove the skin from the skull cap(this will speed up the process).Hang in a safe outside spot for a while and let Mother Nature do her thing.Once clean and not smelly hang on your deck.Not hardly any work involved.Remember they will eventually lose their color outside and squirells like them also.

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