Removing Gemsbok Horns

Submitted by Rattus on 5/3/99. ( )

How do I remove horns from a gemsbok (oryx)? I use the microwave for antelope, but these things are 35" long and won't fit. To complicate matters one horn was shot in two. Guess I'll install a bolt in that one to pull it out.

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This response submitted by Bob C on 5/4/99. ( )

Hey Rattus, If this was one shot here in the US . you can wrap them in plastic garbage bags and let them sit for a while and let thm decompose and the sheaths should slid off. If this is an African animal,dried hard to the core, you can drill some small holes on the back side of the horns and boil them . Soaking them might work but it probably would take forever. Also if this animal was shot in Africa chances are it was already boiled over there, and the sheaths just dried back on the cores. Bob C

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