Removing cores from OLD seep horns? How??

Submitted by Jerry H on 3/13/1999. ( AKBIRDS@AOL )

I have a pair of 20 year old Corisican horns that were never removed from the boney cores. How do I do that now or get around doing that now? Thanks

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This response submitted by Janie on 3/13/1999. ( )

after 20 years I don't know if u could even do that I guess all u can do
is try. Stick them in microwave and see if they'll pop or try
boiling them or u might just try digging the core out whats left of it


This response submitted by Bob C on 3/14/1999. ( )

Jerry, Did you ever hear the saying, "If something bad was going to happen, it probably allready did" After 20 yrs if they are still in good shape , I wouldn't mess with them. If they were going to go bad they would have allready. Bob C

sheep horns

This response submitted by tony on 3/15/99. ( )

Jerry i have taken off horns that have been on for 5 years, by sooking in a barrel of water for a week or two, but as janie and bob said, the damige could already be done? you coul try it you moght no have anything to loose.tony

Sheep Horns

This response submitted by Dave on 4/17/99. ( )

Hi Jerry I'm Dave of Dave's Heads & Horns Taxidermy, and I've done several sheep horns aged, freezer burnt, and ect. It may take several weeks to a couple of months soaked in salt water. I use about 5lkbs of salt to 5 gallons of water. your only objective at this point though is peace of mind.
Hope that helps.

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