Marino vs Corsican

Submitted by Shane on 3/16/99. ( )

I was wondering if a corsican form was the same as a marino form? I have mounted corsicans before but never have I mounted a marino.I am really looking forward to this mounts outcome. But before I mount it I want to make sure that the form is correct. Also I was looking for any supplier that would carry a open mouth fallow deer. I am not having much luck. I might have to modify one up myself. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, Shane

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If the form fits......

This response submitted by Bob C on 3/16/99. ( )

Shane, I've mounted many "merino" and corsican sheep, and on some of the smaller merinos the corsican forms will work. For the most part the "merino is a much larger sheep. These wooly sheep aren't all merinos. The merino is just one of the breeds of domestic sheep hunted on preserves. Another one that is shot on the preserves is the rambollet. Basicly most of the preserves sell whatever they can buy and sell them as merino or rambollets. On some of the larger sheep you can use mountian sheep forms. Van Dykes sells form for a rambollet that looks preety good. Just go by the measurements and buy a form that fits that particular animal. Bob C

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