smell from skull mount Texas longhorn horn cores

Submitted by Jeff on 3/4/1999. ( )

I have been doing alot of skull mount deer and bear with great success until I did a Texas longhorn. The problem is I can't get rid of the smell [like urine] coming from the horn cores. The skull is very clean and I soaked it in bleach for a short while and rinsed it thoroughly and dried it. Then I soaked it in hydrogen peroxide and then let it dry out. It came out great looking and has a good southwestern look and I do not want to put the horn caps back on. In fact this is the first one my wife is going to let me put up in the livingroom because it looks so clean except for the smell. Would a fungicide acrylic clear coat help ? I already tried febreeze and that didn't do it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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This response submitted by Janie on 3/4/1999. ( )

I take it you got the horns off of the core, and now you want to reattach
to skull , if I'm understanding you right the core is still there and
that is what is smelling ,correct me if I'm wrong, the core is what you
want to get rid of . If the core is still attached to skull cut it
off and pitch it then bondo your horn to skull plate there should be enough
skull that comes up to do this. Our if you dont have core out of horns
already you need to do this.

cores attached to skull , horns are off

This response submitted by reply from jeff to janie on 3/5/1999. ( )

the horn cores are attached to skull and the horns are off. I want to leave the skull with the horn cores showing and leave the horns off all together. Maybe there is some type of sealer I can use that has no gloss and will not take away from the look of the rest of the skull. I am not using any sealer on the rest of the skull. Thanks for your suggestions. Jeff


This response submitted by Janie on 3/7/1999. ( )

I always just threw the cores away or I no the dogs used to like
them. Maybe soak in some balmex you can get this from Van Dykes this might help
preserve them alittel and then get asealer and put on them. Maybe
someone else will have some help on this for you.

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