Cleaning Mounts.

Submitted by Ed on 3/5/1999. ( )

What is the best way to clean mounts?
A person told me to vacume them first, and then spray Windex on some paper
towels and wipe down. He said not to use this on the horns. Is this a good way
of doing it or would just plain water work better?
Any help would be appreciated.


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Nix the windex...

This response submitted by Perry on 3/5/1999. ( )


You can clean birds by using a feather duster. Game heads can be
wiped down with a damp cloth, and groomed gently with an old hair brush.
for really dusty mounts or mammals, take them outside on a nice day, and
blow them off with an air compressor or hair dryer on one of the lower
heat settings. then you can wipe down with the damp cloth and groom.
With the new eyes like cooper and epply, the windex may cloud or harm
the finish.


This response submitted by MARK DANIELS on 3/6/1999. ( )

Ed, Perry is wright, I would vaccume them off or blow
them off outside. I can add something to what you can do,
you can use some Hair Sheen on a rag and wipe everything
down, then groom with a soft brush. I can also suggest to
try Protex Mt Care, it to can be used on everything,
including antlers, they work well for cleaning and
restoring old and new mounts because they also put
the shine back in them as well.
Good luck.

Mark 303-666-9045

Thanks for the help.

This response submitted by Ed on 3/7/1999. ( )

Thanks a lot for your help guys. I am going to try your cleaning methods.
Mark does Knoblochs carry Hair sheen & Protex care?

Thanks again.



This response submitted by Janie on 3/7/1999. ( )

WD-40 works great on cleaning old dusty mounts just spray it on
horns too it will shine the fur and horns up the nose to also will
help to protect the leather parts from drying out over time I wouldnt
use anything else. spray on and rub down try it you'll like it.


This response submitted by KNOBLOCHS on 3/8/1999. ( )

yes Ed we do carry it but I do recommend that can buy
these products at a local dealer.Call me for a local
dealer and a catalog, or for help.
Thank you for your time

Mark 303-666-9045

Proffessional Cleaning (Trophy Animal Mount Cleaning)

This response submitted by Shepard Humphries on 11/16/99. ( )

If you really love your mounts you can have them professionally cleaned by myself or another cleaner. Price? If you have to ask...

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